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Cow & Gate Fruity Dessert Apple & Custard Pots - 4 x 100g


Cow & Gate Baby Balance range of desserts is suitable for every stage of your baby’s development from 4 months onwards. They’re a nutritious and delicious and a better way to round off your baby’s meal.

Cow & Gate Baby Balance desserts are made with only the best baby-grade ingredients, and are taste-tested by lots of babies and their mums. They’re a nutritious and delicious way to round off your baby’s meal.

Our 100% Fruit desserts are made with vitamin C and provide the equivalent of one piece of fruit in every pot. And our new range of Dairy Desserts contain less sugar than other leading baby dairy desserts, with 1/4 of the daily calcium your baby needs. Suitable from 4-36 Months

Per Pot:

1 Medium Apple (96%), 1/2 teaspoon of Whole Milk Powder (2.5%), 1/4 teaspoon of Ground Rice (1.25%), 1 drop of Vanilla Extract (0.4%), Vitamin C

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