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The VIP G2 spares no effort to obtain the best possible sound quality. On the basis of groundbreaking engineering, excellent components, and true audiophile passion, we have re-defined the frontier of technical feasibility.

For the main channels, Audionet Intelligent Sampling technology ensures wholly accurate recovery of the analog signal from the digital data stream. In this process, the PCM data runs through a sophisticated two-stage filtration and decoupling process. First, the initial data is filtered and synchronously up-sampled by proprietary Audionet software running on a powerful digital signal processor. The filters are designed for maximum possible accuracy of impulse and frequency response. Having been optimized in this way, the audio data is rendered to 192 kHz/24 bits by an asynchronous up-sampler, and is completely decoupled from the input clock in the process. PCM and DSD data are then transferred in separate channels to two high-performance converters and processed into analog audio streams. The digital-to-analog converters are clocked by an interference free, stress-isolated, high-precision clock generator and powered by high-accuracy sources.

The analog processing is performed by differential current-voltage converters and extremely complex filter/amplifier circuits. Designed for exceptional impulse accuracy and extremely high cut-off frequency, these electronic circuits are composed of discrete components, with two dual-FET inputs, boot-strapped cascode and audiophile adjustment. This extended design guarantees best channel separation, highest dynamic range and lowest distortion, eliminating jitter artifacts to levels below that which can be detected. The digital audio transmission is likewise unique. DSD is first converted into PCM data, then processed and decoupled by Audionet Intelligent Sampling technology for subsequent routing to a powerful output transmitter via a low-jitter LVDS data link which is non-sensitive to interference. Audionet's proprietary HighBit interface permits transmission of all two-channel data up to 192 kHz or multi-channel data with up to 96 kHz per channel. The LowBit mode offers data rates up to 96 kHz/24 bits. Thus, either mode offers optimum PCM output data – irrespective of the initial data format, and especially for SACD, both two- and multi-channel.

During CD playback, the audio data is up-sampled and digitally output at the rate of 192 kHz/24 bits, a feature which simultaneously accomplishes the function of complete sample-rate conversion. Above all, the VIP G2 is also a D/A-converter. Its qualities can therefore be used for all digital sources – even for computers connected over the USB audio interface. As the first Audionet source device, the VIP G2 will benefit from the recognized qualities of the optionally available external high-precision power supply EPS, enabling the musical performance to be pushed to exceptional heights.

In order to ensure the best possible image quality, the VIP G2 is equipped with six 12bits/216 MHz D/A converters for analog video processing. In conjunction with the unique Audionet DC-coupled video output stages, capacitors in the video output signal flow are eliminated to achieve an extremely high and stable video bandwidth. Besides CVBS and S-video outputs, the video output section further includes RGB and component (YUV) outputs, optionally in progressive-scan or interlaced format.

Using the HDMI interface, which is also compatible for DVI with HDCP, digital image data is transferred at maximum DVD resolution in PAL 576 progressive format.

Compact Disc Player

Laser system
GaAiA semiconductor laser,
780 nm wavelength

CD | CD-R conformance with Redbook, Orangebook, Bluebook standards

Stereo channels: 192 kHz/24 bits,
dual-mono-DAC, multibit-delta-sigma
Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz

Inputs and Outputs
Analog Outputs: 2 cinch line, gold-plated, 2 gold-plated XLR
DA Outputs: 2 cinch, 600mVs into 75 ohms, gold-plated, 1 AES/EBU,
110 ohms, gold plated, 1 Audionet HighBit DataLink,1 optical (TosLink)
DA Inputs: 1 USB for USB-Audio & SPDIF-Audio
Remote Activation: 1 Audionet-Link in, optical (TosLink), 2 Audionet-link out, optical
Ext. Power Supply: 5-pin input

0–22,000 Hz (-3 db),
0--90.000 Hz (-3dB) analog

Typ. 100 dB(A weighted) @ -60 dBFs

> 110 dB
Channel Separation
> 130 dB @ 10 kHz

Output Impedance
33 ohms

Output Voltage
3.5 Veff

Mains Connections
230 V, 50...60 Hz

Power dissipation
5 W Standby, max. 40 W

430 mm x 120 mm x 360 mm
(W x H x D)

22 kg

Finish Front
Brushed aluminum, black anodized, grey printing
or aluminum nature, anodized, black printing
Display: Red or Blue

MDF, Nextel coated, grey

• Top loader with damping MDF, aluminium and granite casing construction
• Solid aluminium cover run on Teflon bearings
• Disc stabilizer (puck) made of POM
• Proprietary technology decouples transport unit, circuit boards and timing generator
• Completely DC-coupled, no capacitors in signal path
• Discrete stable filter & output stages
• D/A converter function with USB SPDIF digital input
• Remote control included

• Audionet external precision power supply EPS for the analog
• Intelligent remote control SRC-7000


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